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Error... SPAM ???


This page shows after spammers and spambots complete our forms but we found they were not actually downloading and processing our special 'thank you' page :(  ...So we have added a direct link to help the spam bots find this page and collect the special email addresses listed at the bottom...


Sorry! There has been an error with your
form submission and it has not been sent to us! :(


If you are a customer wanting Canberra computer services then please
click on your web browsers BACK button and fill out the form correctly.

This error has occured because:
Your message has been flagged as SPAM

Continued SPAMMING will result in reporting your
IP Address
to your email host and/or ISP


This error is usually due to one or more of the following:

- You have used certain keywords in our form which we flag as spam such as "SEO" and others...

- You have added links in our form which we now forbid!

- Your IP address or IP block range has been blacklisted due to excessive spam.

- You did not fill out the form properly to pass our anti SPAM measures!



Sorry for any inconvenience - this new page easily stops 99% of our spam!





Note about SPAM. Please read before spamming us!


By SPAMMING us about one of the below topics you authorise to transfer ownership of your email address to us and authorise us to use the email address in any way we seem fit. You authorise your email address and/or password to be publicy displayed on Teh Interwebs indefinitely - kindly provide your password to us while you are spamming as it will save a lot of time :)

Our spam folder tell us 99% of the time:

No we are NOT interested in SEO web design or other web services...
No we don't have any services to outsource to India...
No we don't want to import any of your dodgy products into Australia...
No we will NOT ship to Africa or Asia... even if you pay with a stolen credit card...
No we don't want to transfer your millions of dollars into our bank account and keep 10% of it...
Did you know the last guy offered 30% ?? ;)

Any similar requests will be ignored!  Repeat SPAM will be reported to your email host or ISP allocated to your IP block.


SPAMMER List of Shame - SPAM the spammers!


Since the following constant UNETHICAL SPAMMERs are offering things like ETHICAL SEO and just wont get the message to stop spamming us I will let the spam bots (including their own!) harvest their emails.

Any emails or forms submitted with certain keywords such as SEO are simply sent to a spam collection email account. Once in a while we will look through these in case any legitimate emails are caught (sorry!) and addresses from any persistent or ridiculous SPAM will be added here!

Gongratulations! Your stupidity or persistance (probably both!) have earned your very own addition to the following list. I hope you or your bot comes back so you can even add yourself to your own SPAM list! Hopefully you then sell that on too LOL! ...




Spambots: Please feel free to clog your database with the following bogus email addresses!

And some extra special emailz 4 u...

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