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$120 per hour onsite


Wireless Network Install and Setup  Aussie PC Fix Canberra Computers Repair and PC Support  Aussie PC Fix  canberra pc fix aussie dot com c prompt  Canberra

Aussie PC Fix wireless networking services include installation, setup, and troubleshooting of your wireless network connections. A wireless network can be easier and cheaper to install than a wired network if there is no existing cable in the walls or to avoid messy network cables thrown across the ground.

We can set up and connect your existing wireless equipment or supply our own, or we can tweak or upgrade your existing wireless devices to give you a boost in signal. Wireless routers and connecting devices (clients) can choose a particular wireless channel to use which can avoid interference, plus there is a range of other settings that can be changed to manage the performance and reliability of your wireless connection.

Security is also an essential consideration for wireless to keep you safe from hackers or inquisitive neighbours or strangers passing by that may try and snoop on your connection. Aussie PC Fix will make sure that your WiFi network runs at the highest level of security possible during setup, or you can ask us to configure and increase your security settings in existing wireless devices, or upgrade them to the currently most secure standard (WPA2).

Our onsite setup special of just $149 includes setup of a modem/router wireless device and one computers for shared broadband Internet access. Hardware and connection of other devices or other networking services are extra. Troubleshooting and other services charged at an hourly rate, please call 0410 628 935 or contact us to discuss your particular needs.


Canberra Wireless Security WPA2 WPA WEP MAC IP Filter

Wireless Install and Setup
Wireless Security
Wireless Site Survey

Wireless Install and Setup $149

Please talk to us before you buy a wireless router or USB devices/Wifi cards for your wireless client computers. We can recommend the best equipment to use for your setup and supply any hardware you need to get connected wirelessly, though if you already have existing devices then we are happy to set up these as well.

During installation Aussie PC Fix can test different routers and wireless clients to check that your signal strength is sufficient for the rooms or locations you require wireless access. Some routers or cards for example will not penetrate brick walls sufficiently or for others their signals suffer more from interference with other electronic devices.

Also some router and wireless usb/card combinations work better than others - even products from a mix of manufacturers can sometimes perform better than using all the same brand! We can test your signal strength before you invest in the wireless equipment - but if sufficient range cannot be found in your particular environment we will only charge $40 for performing your site survey.

Canberra Wireless WiFi install and setup

We can supply almost any model or brand of router or modem you like for your service, but we aim to stock the best product for each price range. For most users we recommend an entry level wireless router for under $100.

In our opinion the less well known brand (in Australia at least) of TP-Link has proven to be a very reliable brand over years of testing and offer great value for entry level users with wireless (or wired) routers, access points, and modems starting from just $89. They may not have all the extra options for advanced users, but they often outperform much more expensive routers and are ideal for most users.

When extra wireless range, faster speed, or more configuration options are required, we usually recommend a router in the Linksys WRT-54G family, with most models outclassing the competition with their two antenna design and high performance build. The WRT-54GL can be set with many extended options including increasing the default signal strength while using a very reliable and stable firmware (software inside the device that controls its hardware) based on Linux which can also be updated. We sell this device for just $129.

For those that need extra features such as VoIP, we usually recommend one of the wireless Billion routers such as the 6404VGP, or the combined modem/router 7404VGP, but VoIP phone adapters such as the Linksys PAP2 are easily added to networks with an existing router. For a limited time only, we are stocking the OPEN 824RLW which has the exact same features as the Billion 7404VGP and are simply rebranded by Open Networks but can be supplied at a significant discount to the equivalent Billion model.

Other popular manufacturers include D-Link, Netcomm, Netgear, and Belkin.

Wireless Security

It is essential that proper security is set for wireless, otherwise your neighbours or anyone walking or driving past can access your Internet without your knowledge, which may cause excess charges or even legal liabilities. Strangers may also be able to directly access your computer and files without your knowledge if your security is deficient on the computer as well.

If you currently have not set up security, or are using the insecure WEP, then we highly recommend you contact us to upgrade to WPA or WPA2. There are also many other security options for wireless, and a combination of these, as far as your hardware will support, is the best option to stay secure.


Aussie PC Fix can implement all these and more if your hardware is compatible to help ensure your wireless security is at it's maximum settings, or we can upgrade your current networking hardware for compliance if requested:

  • Change administrator password
  • Disable SSID broadcast
  • Ensure at least WPA or WPA2 encryption is enabled for security
  • IP address and MAC address filtering
  • Change default Remote Administration settings or disable
  • Other performance and security settings

  • If you didn't understand any of that, we can also teach you what all this actually means! If you are interested, we can explain what each feature does and when to use it, while walking you through how to change the settings yourself. This can be handy if you want to connect additional devices to your network in the future, or if you simply want to change settings such as your password by yourself.

    Wireless setup Canberra on site

    Wireless Site Survey: $60 combined with other service + call-out, or single survey service only $120+call-out

    This usually takes less than 30 minutes for the average sized home, but can be invaluable for small or medium business that rely on wireless and need to know if signal will pass through walls or through floors to different levels of a building. Each room is mapped out and the signal strength is tested in each location with a portable device to give you a hotspot map of the best locations for wireless devices and to ensure your wireless coverage is sufficient.


    Popular brands of wireless modems and wireless routers:

    TP-Link, Linksys, Billion, OPEN Networks,
    Belkin, D-Link , Netcomm, Netgear,
    Alcatel / Thomson / Speedtouch,
    Dynalink, Siemens / SpeedStream, Draytek, ZyXEL


    Current service rates are $60 per 30 minutes
    plus callout fee if applicable

    Call out fees:
    $60 - Canberra (except Gungahlin, Mitchell)
    $90 - Gungahlin, Mitchell  and  Queanbeyan

    Minimum fee of $60-$120 per device for diagnosis,
    then charged $60 per half hour block.


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    Current service rates are $60 per 30 minutes
    plus callout fee if applicable

    Call out fees:
    $60 - Canberra (except Gungahlin, Mitchell)
    $90 - Gungahlin, Mitchell  and  Queanbeyan

    Minimum fee of $60-$120 per device for diagnosis,
    then charged $60 per half hour block.


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