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Aussie PC Fix has many years of experience with all Microsoft Windows and Office versions and most Windows based software. We will happily fix your computer software and your Windows errors and problems with our quick and reliable on site or drop off Canberra tech support services.


Examples we can help with: Error messages, Windows Problems, Program Errors, Installation Troubles, Driver Issues, Windows Help, Application Support, Program Assistance, Strange PC Behaviour, Windows Crashing, Freezing, Pausing, and most other computer problems.

Aussie PC Fix provides support for the following applications and software categories, and many more, for all Windows based computers:

Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Office - Word, Excel...

Internet Explorer /other Web Browsers
Outlook / other Email Applications / Webmail

Printers / other Peripherals
MYOB (Mind Your Own Business)
Multimedia and Gaming
Security for Computer, Network and Internet
Windows, Admin, Maintenance, + Advanced Tools
And many other Windows software applications!

We support Microsoft Windows Operating Systems only!


Canberra Windows XP Support and Help       Windows Vista Support in Canberra
You can purchase Microsoft Windows from us with a New PC

Microsoft Windows


Aussie PC Fix is able to solve your Windows problem no matter which version of Windows you have. Windows XP is still by far the most popular version of Windows, though Vista is slowly gaining ground despite a lot of setbacks.

Windows 2000 is a great Windows version for older computers that lack speed, though this version will not be supported after 2010. We do recommend you upgrade older versions of Windows (98 and earlier) but no matter what type of Windows error or other trouble you have, Aussie PC Fix will solve your issue and get you back up and running quickly.

Examples of Windows problems we will fix for you: Microsoft Windows Errors, PC Freezing, Crashing, Blue Screens, BSODs, Out of Memory, Windows Slow Down, Security Updates, Forgotten Password, and most other issues. Call us today on 0410 628 935 or Book a Service Online.

We can also help with Windows Installations, Repair, Reinstallation, Setup, Configuration, User and Administrator Settings, User Accounts, User Access Control, Tweaks, Optimisation, Purchases and Sales.


Microsoft Office:

including MS Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access

Aussie PC Fix can help with all versions of Microsoft Office no matter if it's learning a new feature of the program, or your software is just misbehaving.

We will resolve your issues with any MS Office Problems, Installation Failures, Office and Application Software Errors, File Issues and Corruption, Excel or Word Document won't Print, Settings and Security Misconfiguration, Forgotten Passwords, Program Repair, and more.


  Internet Explorer crashing help. Font Arial, Letter e     Web Browser Support Firefox       Internet Support for Browser Opera

Internet Explorer and other Web Browsers

including MS Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox (FF), Opera

All the popular Web Browsers for Windows are supported by Aussie PC Fix and we can help you with issues such as Internet Explorer crashing, Page Cannot Be Displayed, Slow Internet or Slow Downloads, Acrobat Adobe Reader Errors, Spyware Infection, Add-ons, Extensions, Privacy, Installation, IE Reinstallation and Repair, Security, Settings, and other types of Browser Errors.

Maybe you need some friendly help with surfing the Internet, searching for Websites, or want to learn how to download. Aussie PC Fix can give basic to advanced tutorials on Internet searching and navigation so you can find the information that you need.

We also provide Internet Support, Networking and Wireless Services



Email Applications and Webmail / Online Email

Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Incredimail
Gmail (Google Mail), Hotmail, Yahoo Mail

Aussie PC Fix can assist you to you set up, use, or fix problems with all the major Email Programs, as well as the common Webmail / Online Email Services.

We support Email Account Setups, Configuration, Send and Receive errors, Timeout Errors, Email Bouncing, Corrupt .pst Email File, Email Management, Folders, Rules, Signatures, Calendar, Contacts and SPAM Control.

By setting you up with a Gmail account you can read and reply to your email anywhere in the world. Although you do get a new email address, all email from your old email can be sent to your new inbox and you can reply as the old address as if nothing had changed.

driver installation problems help to fix




Multimedia and Gaming

Do you need help with CD or DVD Burning/Playback with Nero/Windows Media Player or other similar programs? Aussie PC Fix can assist with these computer applications as well as many others for Video, Graphics, Audio, MP3, as well as Computer Games.


Security for Computer, Network and Internet

Aussie PC Fix has all your security needs covered with Spyware and Virus Removal Support and Sales of Antivirus, Firewall, and Internet Security Suites. You should get yourself protected with a Security Check-Up so you don't need to call us later for Virus and Spyware Removal !


  Advanced Windows Monitoring  Windows Management and Maintenance

Windows Advanced System Tools

Windows, Administrator, Maintenance, Network and Monitoring Tools

Aussie PC Fix can help you with the advanced system tools included in your Windows Operating System and dozens of other Administrator and Advanced System Tools. These Windows utilities can help you monitor resource usage such as Memory (RAM), Hard Disk Drive, and much more. Various Operating System Utilities for Windows let you monitor Temperatures, Control Fans, or even track Windows Processes (Programs), File, Registry or Network Usage in real time.




And many other Windows software applications!

If your Windows or Program issue is not listed, please contact us or call now on 0410 628 935 to speak to our Windows specialists and we will fix your problem.


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Windows Operating Systems only!

Aussie PC Fix are Microsoft Windows experts only and do not usually support Apple Mac or Linux operating systems. However, we can help with most network/Internet connection setup or problems as well as file sharing between these and Windows systems.



Current service rates are $60 per 30 minutes
plus callout fee if applicable

Call out fees:
$60 - Canberra (except Gungahlin, Mitchell)
$90 - Gungahlin, Mitchell  and  Queanbeyan

Minimum fee of $60-$120 per device for diagnosis,
then charged $60 per half hour block.


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Aussie PC Fix provide reliable, efficient and friendly IT support with only qualified technicians that will help solve your computer problem. We guarantee we can fix your computer or there is NO charge. If we offer to fix your computer and you decline the suggested fix then our minimum diagnosis fee is payable. We guarantee you will be happy with your computer service or we'll repair it again for free!

Canberra's Aussie PC Fix are here to help you with a wide range of computer, networking and other IT services for business or home computer users in Canberra, ACT, Australia. Call us today on 0410 628 935 to find out how we can help you, or book a service online.

You can trust Aussie PC Fix to always fix your computer problems reliably and efficiently, and at a reasonable price with our services being guaranteed.

We provide expert solutions for all Home Users, Home Office, SOHO, Small Business to Medium Sized Business, SME, Retail and Branch Offices in both North Canberra and South Canberra, as well as Queanbeyan.

We are your Canberra onsite computer support specialists, but also offer drop-off service to our workshop located in Canberra. Pick-up and Delivery is also available, charged at the applicable call-out rate.

If you need help with anyhing not listed above, please contact us online or email and ask!


Call Aussie PC Fix today for all your Canberra computer and IT needs!


Current service rates are $60 per 30 minutes
plus callout fee if applicable

Call out fees:
$60 - Canberra (except Gungahlin, Mitchell)
$90 - Gungahlin, Mitchell  and  Queanbeyan

Minimum fee of $60-$120 per device for diagnosis,
then charged $60 per half hour block.


Call today on 0410 628 935
or Book Online to arrange your service