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Canberra Computer Backup Copy and Restore Services

Back up your data!

All computer users need to regularly backup their data to prevent data loss for when hard drives fail or if your files get corrupt or accidentally deleted. Maybe you need to go back to a previous version of a document, or your newly installed antivirus or security software prevents Widows even from starting up.

Backups are one of the most important housekeeping tasks that should be performed by computer users but all too often backups are skipped, incomplete, and untested. Hard drives will never last forever, so it is important to keep two copies or more of your valuable data.


ALL hard drives will fail
Complete Backup Service
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Backup Test and Restoration
Offsite Backup

Drive and Data Destruction and Disposal
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Backup Options
Google analyses 100,000 Drives

Looking for data recovery or new hard drives?

ALL hard disk drives will fail

Most hard disks will last about 3-5 years, but Google's study of over one hundred thousand of their own disks over about 1 in 17 drives fail within their first year. Hard drives fail easily if knocked around or if a speck of dust contaminates the drive, but it is simply a matter of time before the hard drive will wear out and have a physical / mechanical failure.

You must ensure that you are prepared when this unfortunate event occurs at any time, or in case your files get accidentally deleted or attacked by a virus which can harm those important files you use most. Laptops are also especially vulnerable to theft which can lead to zero chance of data recovery if the laptop cannot even be found.

Aussie PC Fix can assist you to implement a proper backup routine that will keep your files safe and secure. One of the most important factors of backup is having a regular routine that is easy to follow - otherwise your important backups will never get done! Backup routines can also be automated so you can have peace of mind knowing your backup data is always up to date.

Each backup service can usually be completed during a one or two hour service unless there's a lot of data to be backed up, or the computer is very old! For very large backups it may be more efficient to arrange a drop-off service.

Complete Backup Clone Image Solutions in Canberra

Complete Backup Service

Aussie PC Fix can backup all your important files such as email, Office documents, Internet Explorer shortcuts, and any other critical files you have. These can be burnt onto DVD, copied to a USB key drive, or onto another hard drive which could be a portable drive or one inside your computer.

We can also perform a complete backup of your hard drive and data including all your settings, installed programs, and Windows itself. This type of backup is called a clone or image and ensures quick recovery of Windows and your entire system when a restore is needed. If no image backup exists, then a restoration can often mean also reinstalling Windows, Office, and all the other programs that you use, as well as changing back all your settings.

Be careful with the option called "Restore Computer To Factory Settings" on some brand name computers! Doing this will wipe your current hard drive and restore an image of your computer just like the day you bought it. This can sometimes be useful, but only if you have a current backup of all your user files!

Aussie PC Fix can also supply any hardware or software required to keep your data safe for when you need it most, or we can backup to any of your suitable existing drives. Then just simply give us a call if you ever need to restore your data, and\or we can easily teach you how to perform the backup and\or a restore as we do it!

For the special of $79 full backup services when drop-off, if requested to burn to CD/DVD media we may limit the total number of discs to be burnt to 5 (approx 20GB), unless additional charges are paid.

Backups to a 2nd existing or new hard drive is preferred over CD/DVD optical media as it is not only quicker for all, but more reliable.


Canberra Backup Software

Backup routine set up

Aussie PC Fix can install and set up any software or hardware required to give you piece of mind that your data is always secure. Regular backup routines ensure that your important documents that are constantly changing are also constantly backed up. Performing a single backup is just half the process - you need to set up a routine that is easy to follow and automated as much as possible.

Many times when the backup is actually needed, it is too old or may not even have a copy of the files required. We can ensure that the process is automated as much as possible so you are not left with incomplete backup sets.

We usually recommend a second internal  hard drive for automatic backups as the drive is always ready for backup when your computer is on. This also ensures data is on a separate hard drive if the original drive was to crash or become corrupt beyond recovery. Internal  hard drives are also more reliable than external/portable hard drives.

Additionally, or alternatively, an external  hard drive is convenient for backups. While they only now cost a little more than internal  hard drives (to pay for the external casing) they must be handled with great care because dropping them wont be covered under warranty...

You can also easily back up to a portable USB drive/stick if your data will fit on one of these. Mid-range sizes offer the best value for money (approx 4-32GB in 2009 Q1) but larger capacities are available. Bigger sized drives will always be available at an astonishing rate as RAM becomes cheaper, but the largest sized drives available at the current time will always be expensive in comparison to the GB/$ in mid-sized USB drives.

We can recommend free or paid software programs to use, but most importantly we can teach and show you how to use your software.


Hard Disk Drive Backup Services

Backup Test and Restoration

Backups should also be regularly tested to make sure that the data is readable and actually restorable! Have you ever tested a restore of individual files or checked if your backup image will even boot after restoring?

Aussie PC Fix can test these scenarios and restore your data to a different hard drive, just like in a real restore scenario - but without the stress! The original drive is temporarily removed or hidden from the system and the backup is tested to make sure all your data can be safely restored. With this service you can be confident that your backups are working before you need to rely on them.


external usb drive 3.5" dvd and cd backup

Offsite Backup

Also available to Canberra users is a regular off-site backup service. Your data is backed up onsite to a portable hard drive and this data is then encrypted and safely stored away from you premises in case of fire or burglary etc. This service is especially useful for small and medium business with critical data that needs complete protection from disaster.


Hard Drive and Computer Destruction, Disposal and Sanitisation Canberra

Drive/Data Deletion/Destruction/Disposal

If you are throwing your computer out or donating it, you may also have sensitive files on the hard drive which may be recovered, even if the files are deleted and/or the hard drive is formatted.

Aussie PC Fix can use specialised tools that overwrite data exceeding levels from the US Department of Defence Clearing and Sanitizing Standards for Classified Material (DOD 5220.22-M). In other words, you would have to spend tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars on specialised equipment and hundreds of man hours for a small chance of recovery.

We can also physically damage the drives so that repair is not possible, usually by drilling a hole through the drive or disassembling it..

Computer Decommission and Recycling

We can recycle your working old computers and monitors but please see notes below:

- Laptops of ANY condition are free to recycle
- Desktop computers of any condition are free to recycle

- WORKING LCD/LED computer monitors only free to dispose

- Older CRTs attract a $40 surcharge (or current Mugga Lane tip charge), only working 15" LCDs and larger are free to dispose

- SMALL printers and other peripherals attract a $10 per item charge

- We DO NOT recycle other items such as rack servers, UPS, batteries or other equipment. Please visit Mugga Lane Tip

If you need to get rid of old computers taking up your valuable space, working or not, then please contact us or call on 0410 628 935 to arrange time for delivery for your free disposal and recycling. We are also happy to pick up most computer junk from you during any other service free of charge.

Pickup of old computer equipment can be arranged for a fee. Broken peripherals such as Printers (or Printers with no ink) will usually attract a small environmental disposal charge, as well as any non working monitors or older working monitors which are 15" or less in diagonal size.

For other recycling options including disposal of Printer toner and ink cartridges, please visit Canberra's ecoaction website.



USB Flash Memory Key Thunb Drive Backup Canberra 

Backup Options

There are many different approaches to choose for backups. We can help you implement the best methods for your needs using one or a combination of external USB hard drives, internal hard drives, CD/DVD, Tape, and/or a USB Flash / Memory Key / Thumb Drive. We also keep on hand a range of hard drives and external enclosures available for purchase if you don't already have the hardware you need.

There are also many different types of backups that can be performed, each having their own advantages and disadvantages for different situations:

Every system should have a complete backup, called an image or clone that makes an exact copy of the hard disk. This makes a system restore much easier in the event your hard drive becomes corrupt or Windows will not start. When an image is restored, the entire drive is put back exactly how it was when the backup was made. There is no need to reinstall Windows and all the programs again, because we can fully restore your computer with all its settings.

Your personal data files change every single day. These may be important emails, Word documents, spreadsheets or photos you have saved on your computer. These individual files should be backed up more regularly to ensure all this data which cannot be easily recreated is fully protected. It makes sense to have a regular routine for this important data before you need to call us for data recovery!

Ideally your computers hard disk should be partitioned into at least two sections. This shows in Windows as two smaller, but separate drives with their own drive letter. With the C: drive used for just Windows and installing programs, the other drive can be used to store your critical data.

This separation makes backups simple because your data drive could be simply backed up every night, and an image of the Windows system drive can be performed as needed.

Aussie PC Fix can easily set up this simple data management solution - even just using your existing drive. Be warned that creating or resizing partitions is a risky process, so a complete backup or clone needs to be performed if you attempt this yourself.

Please Book a Canberra Service or Contact Us if you'd like to make your backups easy or need advice about your particular setup.


Hard Drive Head Failure Crash hard drive scratched head crash failure


Google analyses Failure Rate of 100,000 Hard Drives

A report from Google, who studied over 100 000 of their own hard drives, found that even hard drives less than a year old had an annual failure rate of around 6 percent. Therefore about 1 out of 17 new computers will suffer a failed drive in the very first year. When drives are two years of age and older the drive failure rate heavily increased.

Surprisingly, hard drive temperature didn't have much of an effect on newer drives, it was the change in temperature that mattered most, while the hard drives also did not take to cold environments. Most electronic components prefer a constant temperature as repeated cooling and heating can lead to compression and expansion of metallic components and causes stress. Aussie PC Fix still prefer to keep their drives under 40 degrees Celsius, but from reading the study maybe up to 50 degrees really won't hurt that much.

Google also confirmed our fears that S.M.A.R.T. data isn't as reliable as marketed, though it can still be a useful tool in determining whether a drive is going to fail. After a S.M.A.R.T failure a hard drive was nearly 40 times more likely to fail, but unfortunately many drives still failed without any warning.

Call Aussie PC Fix on 0410 628 935 or Book a Canberra Service and we can help you choose what data should be backed up, where it should be backed up, and when it should be backed up!


Current service rates are $60 per 30 minutes
plus callout fee if applicable

Call out fees:
$60 - Canberra (except Gungahlin, Mitchell)
$90 - Gungahlin, Mitchell  and  Queanbeyan

Minimum fee of $60-$120 per device for diagnosis,
then charged $60 per half hour block.


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Current service rates are $60 per 30 minutes
plus callout fee if applicable

Call out fees:
$60 - Canberra (except Gungahlin, Mitchell)
$90 - Gungahlin, Mitchell  and  Queanbeyan

Minimum fee of $60-$120 per device for diagnosis,
then charged $60 per half hour block.


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